Sandbox Mode

It is a very secret mode that can be accessed by the main menu if you have the blue trophy. Click the buttons on the keyboard: up, up, down, down, left, right, left, right, B, A. Sandbox Mode is when you get to do whatever you want, starting with $999,999. It starts with the last Time Trial session you started if you didn't close Insaniquarium. If you tap something on the keyboard, it will spawn something. Here's the list (note that you have to get the key exact, like if it says A, you must enter a capital A):

1 - Guppy

2 - Carnivore

3 - Golden Guppy

4 - Starcatcher

5 - Guppycruncher

6 - Beetlemuncher

7 - Breeder

8 - Ultravore

q - Stinky

w - Niko

e - Itchy

r - Prego

t - Zorf

y - Clyde

u - Vert

i - Rufus

o - Meryl

p - Wadsworth

a - Seymour

s - Shrapnel

d - Gumbo

f - Blip

g - Rhubarb

h - Nimbus

j - Amp

k - Gash

l - Angie

- Presto

A - Brinkley

S - Nostradamus

D - Walter

F - Stanley

z - Sylv

x - Balrog

c - Gus

v - Destructor

b - Ulysses

n - Psychosquid

m - Bilaterus

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